Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Done- da- da- Done!

Magic Tiles

I can`t believe this quilt is finally finished. I started it for my mom several years ago, and by several I mean I pieced the top in 2007! It`s an old pattern (and technique) called Magic Tiles, although I`ve seen quilst popping up lately in a similar pattern that people are calling Modern Mosaic.  I didn`t like anything about this quilt until it came time to bind it, which I usually do by hand. As I sat on the couch with my needle and thread and this quilt in my lap, I realized how cozy I was and how much I needed my own cuddle-on-the-couch quilt. Strangely enough, in my 13 years of quilting I`ve never made myself a large quilt. Good thing I`m in two bees this spring, I`ll end up with enough blocks for a good sized quilt! Now if only there were some sort of housework bee.......


  1. yippee...finished...sigh! :) It looks really good and your mom will cherish it forever!

  2. It's gorgeous! It's so nice to have a big quilt to curl up in and read a book with a steamy hot cup of tea! If you are parting with this quilt you really need to make another for yourself :o)