Thursday, March 1, 2012

Goodbye February, Hello March

Lily's Quilts

Lawson and Lotti

I've really enjoyed keeping better track of what I've worked on through the month. It's given me a real sense of accomplishment. At the beginning of the month I had four things I wanted to get done. I did a few more than that! A few were big projects and a few were single blocks for bees, but they're all done.

Made in February
1. Close Advent Stockings, 2. New Apron!, 3. Elfies Pillow, 4. It's a Hoot - Finished, 5. My Love is True - Close, 6. Hook Holder, 7. Crochet Scarf, 8. Dolly Dress Embroidery, 9. Everything Equal, 10. Block for Debbie Sewing Shanty, 11. The Centre of Attention, 12. Wristlet - hanging, 13. Derby Girl, 14. Magic Tiles, 15. Solstice Star blocks, 16. Summer Sampler blocks

I hope to keep as busy in March as I was in February. I'd like to finish the Emmeline apron I started  several years ago. I'm also going to finish a tunic I started in 2010.  Then there's a quilt I pieced for my daughter in ohhhhh about 2007.  Yes this will be a month to clear up old projects! I'm also going to piece my solstice star blocks into a top. We'll see if I actually get it quilted too! There will probably be gardening as well, as long as the weather continues to improve!

To Do in March


  1. Lovely projects - I especially like your solstice stars, they're gorgeous!

  2. Popping over from Lynne`s`ve had a great month and hope you have a great March!

  3. I love what you've done, especially the Everything Equal block. I'd seen the fabric, liked it but now I'm inspired.
    And get those UFO's going, I'd like to call them WIP's, though. We all have'm!

  4. What a lot of gorgeous finishes. Thanks for linking up, glad the to do lists are helping, they definitely help me too

  5. What a wonderful show and tell!! I make lists also..they work for me too!! Hugs

  6. Good job! I am doing a similar thing with cooking this month, documenting make me for motivated!

  7. Hopping over from LQ... Love your work!