Thursday, February 23, 2012

Who is Heather Bailey?

I have to start this by telling you that I wasn't the one who asked this question.  Like all of you, I know who Heather Bailey is ;-)

I was shopping in a local quilt shop last week, looking for that special fabric. You know the one, it jumps off the shelf and you find that you absolutely must buy it. Well, I was perhaps in the wrong store for that. This particular small town store was full of wild batiks, themed fabrics, mud colours and those ones that look like someone took a metallic paint pen and outlined every motif. Not to be daunted by my first impression,  I looked around and actually did find something I liked quite a lot. As I had the owner cut my fabric, a staff member remarked on how much she liked my choice and would have a hard time cutting into it for a project. I laughed and shared that I often had the same problem. I said that I bought some of Heather Bailey's Freshcut when it first came out several years ago and still hadn't used it, so I was delighted so see it being re-released. At this point the owner looked up from her cutting and asked, "WHO IS HEATHER BAILEY?" Can I tell you that my jaw dropped and I think I might have died a little? I understand that this wasn't a modern shop with a hip young-ish clientele,  but for a shop owner to never have heard of Heather Bailey?! What?  I know she buys Free Spirit fabric, there was some of Ty Pennington's 2010 Impressions line sitting right there. Anyway, days later, it's still making me laugh, and shake my head. Unbelievable. 

p.s. spring is coming!

Yellow Crocus


  1. Sounds like my local shop. My 'village' has a population of 1000, the quilt shop is in the next town over (so, 7 mins away). They occassionally stock warm & natural. (yes, only occassionally) Last week I went in for minky & my jaw dropped because I saw a Riley Blake Alphabet Soup print. It was the first time I've ever found something I recognise as "modern". Of course, they only had a couple circle prints.
    It's so sad to go in there~! I always wonder how they stay in business.

  2. ha! i've had that experience with at a very "traditional" fabric/quilting store nearish to me. too funny...

  3. OMG, I would die. Luckily for me, I have the hippest, most modern quilt shop ever right nearby.
    Of course, I'm the one who didn't know they were re-releasing Freshcut! Thanks for the heads up on that!