Saturday, September 22, 2012

Parade Day?

Is it really SATURDAY? Wow, are my days mixed up. I've been working a lot this week. Normally I work only two days in a row, but this week my co-worker is away so I've worked her days as well. That means today is day seven, and I've still got two more! I'm pretty darn tired. But hey, think of the big paycheck I'll have just in time for my trip to Salt Lake City!!!

Considering all the actual work I've done this week, I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone that I haven't done a bit of sewing. Nope. I have been pinning though, because that's totally mindless. I can easily sit in front of my computer and look at the beautiful pieces other people are finding time to make. Does that count? Check out my "stitches" pin board for some inspiration.

Now it's your turn!!

I just ask a few things of you:

1. link only projects with some handstitching
2. link to a specific post
3. use the linky party button (found in my sidebar) in your post, so others can easily find the party and join in
4. visit other Handmade Parade partiers, because everyone likes comments :-)
.....and go!


  1. I haven't had time this week either.
    Hope you make it through the last two days. And yes, you've got sewing summit and a nice amount of spending money to look forward to

  2. Gosh working makes everything so crazy. Hope you find some time to sew soon! =D