Thursday, September 20, 2012

Friendship Quilts Blog Hop

When Diane asked me to be a part of the Friendship Quilts Blog Hop, I've got to say, I was excited. Partly because blog hops are fun and partly because the theme of this one really got me.  I mean come on, a blog hop inspired by the friendship bracelet craze back in the 80's? Back then, I had tons, probably 50 friendship bracelets, because I went to summer camp every year, starting when I was 11 until I was 16. After 16, not only was I "too cool" for camp, but I also had a job.

I remember well, being at camp the year I was 16. Some of us had found some large wooden beads that looked like watermelons. We all made matching necklaces and started a club, called,  appropriately enough, "The Watermelon Club". Yes, this from the girl who was too cool for camp the following year.... Before I was too cool however, there was a video made of one of our lunches. That's me in the first 10 seconds of the video. I'm showing my finest table manners.....


Choosing a project for the blog hop was easy. I wanted something that not only had a pattern that reminded me of friendship bracelets, but could also be used either to take to camp or a weekend in Salt Lake City. I had also just signed up for another round of the Pretty {little} Pouch Swap and I needed to make a zippy pouch, so I chose to make one of Elizabeth Hartman's Perfect Zip bags.

PLPS 5 front

Have you used this pattern before? Oh. My. Gosh. Do I ever love it! If you're at all afraid of zippers, RUN to get this pattern. It will make your zipper installation simple and really professional looking.

PLPS 5 back

For the back, I decided on a hexie flower. I didn't put a hexie in the middle, so it felt (to me anyway) more like a bracelet. Yeah, I got right into the whole friendship bracelet theme here....


And just because I love needleturn applique so much, you get a close-up!

Thank you Diane, for having me along on this blog hop. It was a lot of fun to take this trip down memory lane!


  1. Oh my goodness! That video is awesome! So funny. :) I love your pouch! The colors are so bright and fantastic. :)

  2. Katie, I remember camp too back then. I did like all the crafts we did, but being away from home I did not. Lovely pouch and zippers are a bug for me. Thanks for sharing with us today...Judith, Texas

  3. Where on earth did you find that video? All of my incriminating evidence from the 80s is still on VHS tapes! Lovely pouch, as you know I have a thing for rainbows!

  4. A great looking pouch, such a fun idea with the hexies =D

  5. love it!! and your needle-turned applique is perfection :)

  6. I absolutely LOVE that pouch, Katie!! I need one too!

  7. Such a sweet pouch! I love the bright colours - just lovely!!

    Oh and fab video - my kids loved it - though I might not thank you next time we eat spaghetti.... hehehe

  8. Super Cute! Great work.