Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I need a space overhaul. When I set myself up in this corner of the house, I left a few things to "do later". Well, we all know what that means. Yeah, months later it's all still sitting there without a proper place and looking uhmmm- pretty bad.

My desk is big, it just needs a clean up.

Where I sew

Looking over my desk to the storage area, which is technically the front hall closet. The way our house sits in relation to the road and the placement of our driveway means that we use the back door as the main entrance. Lucky me, I got to take over the space at the front door, which is actually pretty big!

my mess...

As you can tell, I did no straightening up whatsoever prior to taking these photos. Apparently I am a bit of a slob. I have a few random baskets of scraps and in-progress projects waiting to be dealt with.

even more mess....

For the most part, I keep my fabric organized by colour, in clear rubbermaid boxes. If I have a fabric collection that I don't want to split up, I keep it in wicker baskets on another shelf. Stuff I have no idea what to do with, or I don't really have space for, gets piled into big containers. Batting, linen skirts from the thrift store, that kind of thing.  I also have a bookshelf FULL of craft books, most of which I've only ever looked through but never actually made anything from ;-)

more mess...

Eventually I'll get this all straightened up. Hopefully sooner rather than later!


  1. Oh, Katie. I am in the throws of cleaning, rearranging and pruning my own sewing space. Half done and now is not the time to slack off. I do my fabric like you. I also need to decide about some of my own books that languish in a cupboard.

  2. What a cool looking sewing space! De-stashing can be fun if you have the time and effort.
    Loving the pictures as is with no editing! =D

  3. I've had my sewing space over a year now and still haven't fine tuned it but somehow managed to take up every nook and cranny. After doing some clean up and organizing a couple weeks ago now I can't find anything! Good luck getting a handle on it all. I love all your baskets and buckets.

  4. Katie, I am so where you're at. I look around and think, what happened here? I've got quite a bit of sorting to do in the next week before we start school...

  5. I love that you showed honest pics rather than tided up ones. Looks like you have a great collection of stuff. You'll get around to organising it eventually :)

  6. I really want to dive in to all that storage and have a play!!

  7. Yay!! I love your space. I still haven't gotten much improvement on mine... I like your solution for keeping your collection fabrics together.

  8. I am envious of your space! I had to laugh at the craft books. Even when I set out to follow one of the projects I get side-tracked!