Friday, July 27, 2012

Parade Day - Favourite Things Edition

Since I only worked on machine stitched projects this week, I thought I'd show you a few handstitched photos that I've favourited in flickr. I'm continually amazed by the creativity out there. I wish I had the time and talent to do it all!  Happy Friday, everyone!

Parade Edition

1. Home Sweet Sweet Home, vintage pattern from, 2. Hexi Rainbow, 3. Summersville Sampler - Finished, 4. Adventure! Pattern from Sew Lovely Embroidery, 5. A, 6.blank :-( 7. 'Drunken squares', 8. French knots ad infinitum, 9. Sweetie darling on woodgrain, 10. Wild Olive Swap Piece Received, 11. texas bluebonnet embroidery, 12. PLPS 4 Bright and Bold, 13. Wild Olive Stitch Swap Spring2012, 14. Ring of stitches, 15. medium pouch berry stitches, 16. finished pouch, 17. hand quilting progress, 18. Mini Swoon Zipper pouch, 19. No.5, 20. Four Seasons: Spring, 21. Circles, 22. Crochet Heart Garland, 23. Detail 1, 24. FELT ANENOME BROOCH, 25. Cameo Hoop for Kaelin - MMM swap.

Now it's your turn!!

I just ask a few things of you:
1. link only projects with some handstitching
2. link to a specific post
3. use the linky party button (found in my sidebar) in your post, so others can easily find the party and join in
4. visit other Handmade Parade partiers, because everyone likes comments :-)
.....and go!


  1. that rainbow hexi quilt is amazing!!

  2. Some great pics. I think my favourite is 19

  3. What a great set of favourites. All mt hand stitching has sadly been completed before today =D

  4. That is a lot of inspiration. Thanks. I haven't done much this week so I shared an old one. I hope that is ok.

  5. great inspiration photos! :)

  6. Love and re-favorited like half those pics in your mosaic. Gah! I don't need to think up any more projects since I'm so swamped with my own right now :)

    Sadly, I haven't done much hand stitching this week, just a quick little project, but I've been so busy. Maybe soon life will slow down?