Friday, February 17, 2012

The Week Where I Actually Got Quite a Lot Done!

This was one of those weeks when I accomplished a lot. Nothing from my February to-do list  (there's only one thing left on it anyway) but plenty of other stuff.

On Friday I stitched up this little Valentine for my husband, it's from a Sublime Stitching pattern.

My Love is True

On the Saturday and Tuesday (I work Sunday and Monday) I crocheted this mobius scarf aka infinity cowl aka neckwarmer aka 5 hours of my life. I used Sakura's tutorial for a crochet circle scarf. The yarn is a silk/mohair/lamb's wool blend from Noro's Silk Garden collection.

Crochet Scarf

By Tuesday night my sewing machine was starting to glare at me for not paying it any attention, so I used Little Birdie Secrets' tutorial and made a crochet hook holder.

Hook Holder

Yes that is some of my treasured stash of Freshcut, but I figured that with it being re-released, it was high time I started using some of it! My hooks now sit on my desk, all rolled up and in a nice little bucket of other assorted  junk tools.


Wednesday I needed something to do while I watched my daughter cut and glued an entire magazine into a collage, so I started another embroidery project. 5 little dolly dresses that will hang on her wall as soon as I get 2 more matching hoops to hang them in. Little Pickles is waiting, somewhat patiently.

Dolly Dress Embroidery

Whew! I love looking back every week to see what I've done. I think this week was a pretty good one!
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  1. what a great week you had! i love those little dolly dresses. so so sweet!

    thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!

  2. What fun things you accomplished this week!

  3. Wow you have had a good week !!
    I do love your little doll dresses and your scarf a very nice..
    I have done much this week because I was in Las Vegas for 5 days, yes I had a wonderful time ;-)

  4.'ve been so busy this week...absolutely jealous! You rocked it this week girl...woohoo! Glad to see your doing the "covert robin." :)

  5. Wow Katie - what a week! I love all your projects, your mobius scarf is gorgeous. I really want to learn how to crochet!

  6. Wow, great week! I love your embroidery. I have a few embroidery projects I started and never finished somewhere. I've not touched them in a few years. Yours are inspiring enough to see if I can find them.

  7. What a productive week! That crochet hook holder is cute, it looks like a fun project to whip up for my daughter's preschool's silent auction. Those embroidered dresses are very sweet!

  8. Fun finishes - love the scarf!