Monday, March 25, 2013

xplus quilt

xplusalong quilt

I'm the kind of person who takes a while to warm up to new things. It took me forever to decide that I liked Toms. Now I think they are pretty awesome. Same thing with the whole red or coral or orange with aqua thing. So when I first saw the xplusalong on Instagram and Flickr I wasn't really interested. Seriously uninterested. But it seemed like everyone I was following had been bitten by this quilt. Still I wasn't into it. Not until I saw Holly's (aka Bijou Lovely) quilt. Seriously, go take a look, I'll wait.......

Yeah. So I decided that I might just have to jump in. I had a half yard bundle of the re-release of Heather Bailey's Freshcut that I though would be a good starting point. I added some Tula Pink Parisville, some of Bonnie & Camille's Modern Vintage, a few Art Gallery ovals, and tons more. Architextures, Children at Play, Echo, Sew Stitchy, Flea Market Fancy.....basically anything that even remotely looked good with the Freshcut.

I worked on this baby for about a month. Living where I do, I have to order my fabric, so I was slowed down by having to place two separate orders. No biggie. I worked on Farmer's Wife blocks while I waited. That's for another Instagram quilt along. Look up #farmingwithlindsey if you're interested....Finally though, my quilt top was done. 56 12" blocks. It's a darn good size, big enough to curl up in and not have any drafty spots. 

I suppose now I should get the backing together and have this baby quilted!



  1. It's beautiful Katie! And all of the fabrics you use work so nicely together. I haven't been bitten by this one....yet!

    Tell me more about Toms. Are there different styles? What do you like about them? I'm taking a peek at their website as we speak.

  2. Gorgeous! I love it, Katey.

    So great to read a post from you again -- I've missed you!

  3. Love your version of the x and plus!

  4. Awesome! I'd like to make one of these someday.

  5. You're back! Yay! Love your is beautiful! Xoxo...

  6. Excellent! I really loved Holly's too but I'm just not doing one. Can't, I know myself too well and of never finish it! Loving yours, can't wait to see it finished!