Wednesday, November 14, 2012

So I'm going on a road trip...

Makeup Bag 

 Everyone knows that a road trip calls for a new makeup bag, right? Right. I bought a pattern on Etsy, I'm not going to say which seller, because honestly, I HATED the pattern. Yes, I like how the bag turned out, but the process was much more complicated than it needed to be. Why do people write patterns like that? Maybe she didn't have a few people test the pattern? Maybe she did, but the pattern testers didn't give honest feedback? I will likely make the bag again but following a process that is easier and makes more sense.

Corner view

It's a decent sized bag, about 7" x 4". As you can see, you can put a lot of stuff inside!


Tomorrow I'm saddling up the Jeep, picking up Chelsea and we're heading out on the open road. The Portland Modern Quilt Guild is having their meeting tomorrow and we're crashing it. Shhhhhh.......


  1. Looks good despite being a pain to make. Have fun on your roadtrip

  2. Cute bag! I bet you could figure out several ways to make it better. Let me know if you need a butler, I'm great at carrying bags and buying donuts : ) have fun!!!

  3. Enjoy your trip! I don't see how you can miss between that great bag and where you're headed... :)

  4. The bag is really cute, shame you had so many problems.

  5. Your bag turned out nicely despite! It's too bad the pattern was so hard to follow. Have you considered letting the designer know about your difficulties?

  6. I think your bag is super cute! I'm just catching up on blog reading and am excited to hear that you went to the November PMQG meeting! That's great! How was it?

  7. Awesome bag!!! The design work is great.

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