Friday, June 22, 2012

Parade Day

This week has been a whirlwind of stitching! I feel a bit like I should change my name to Katie Needlehands. My oldest son broke his nose last week, so I had an hour long wait in a doctor's office. Perfect time to work on some stitching! I continued on some flowers I started a few weeks ago. All I need to do now is the couching around the yellow flower and then decide how to do the centers. I'm thinking some kind of cross stitchy thing. I actually have no idea what this piece will turn into. Possibly a pillow?


Everything else I've been stitching is for upcoming projects, so all I can give are sneak peeks. Hopefully next week I'll have an actual finish!



Now it's your turn to show off your projects!

I just ask a few things of you:
1. link only projects with some handstitching
2. link to a specific post
3. use the linky party button (found in my sidebar) in your post, so others can easily find the party and join in
4. visit other Handmade Parade partiers, because everyone likes comments :-)
.....and go!


  1. Your flowers are looking nice and I love the orange soirals :)

  2. Those coral swirls are amazing! Can't wait to see the rest...

  3. I love those spirals so much. I can't wait to see your finished project! I've been continuing with my hexi obsession, with two main projects this week. I hope it's okay that I linked to a picture of each of them. Now that I'm linking here weekly, I may have to get myself a blog, so I can easily post about multiple projects!

  4. I looove the swirls too! They look so nice to pet.

  5. You always make such cute hand stitched projects! =D

  6. Lovely hand stitching - can't wait to see more of your gorgeous work!

  7. Dr. office, car pool line, long trips, etc. all perfect occasions to squeeze some stitching. Your stitchy projects look great... have fun with them!