Friday, June 15, 2012

Parade Day

Can I just say, that I am LOVING Rachel's Handstitched Class? I knew it would be a good place to connect with other handstitchers, but honestly I didn't expect to have so much fun. We've all been chatting in flickr and in our private class blog, and last night there was a real time chat! It was so fun to spend an hour talking stitches with my new-found friends and Bianca  too, who is my BBFWWTBMABFIWLITST! (my blog best friend who would totally be my actual best friend if we lived in the same town) I'm sure I'm not the only person who has one of those.....

I've got the dogwood blossom center of my handstitched class quilt done. I used an invisible hand applique stitch to reverse applique it. Rachel showed how to do it with a blind stitch using perle cotton, but I'm not entirely sold on that. I'm not sure I'm really sold on my version either though. In any case, I can always add the perle cotton as I go along.

I'm a bit stumped for the outer border. I'm not sure if I should use something darker and eyecatching, or something mellow. I need to keep in mind that the white border won't actually be white. It will be filled with embroidery, like this..... What say you, internets?

Dogwood Blossom opt 1

Dogwood Blossom opt 2

Dogwood Blossom opt 3

It wasn't all class projects this week.  My hand pieced quilt, is sashed and ready to be marked and quilted! I'm kind of thinking of using a Baptist fan pattern, but I also want to use orange thread. I'm not sure the two would really work together. I think if I do an allover pattern, a neutral thread is probably the way to go. Maybe I'll leave it for a bit and a brilliant solution will come to me.

Quilt Me

Now it's your turn to show off your projects!

I just ask a few things of you:
1. link only projects with some handstitching
2. link to a specific post
3. use the linky party button (found in my sidebar) in your post, so others can easily find the party and join in
4. visit other Handmade Parade partiers, because everyone likes comments :-)
.....and go!


  1. Your handstitch class project is looking so great Katie! I love the mellow look you get with the 2nd fabric, but that could also be my love of pink coming through. I was at the dentist yesterday and was so excited because I got a pink toothbrush. Wheee!

  2. I have been loving handstitched class also - just taking the premium, so there hasn't been as much chatting - but I have been enjoying it. I'm so new to sewing I feel like I've learned so much already and it's only week 1!

  3. Love the colours you've used for the hand pieced quilt and I'm sure your quilt will look stunning whichever way you decide. Have a great weekend!

  4. You make me laugh because I totally have thought the same thing about BBFWWTBMABFIWLITST. :) So wish we lived in the same town...or atleast within a short drive of one another! I'm going to say go BOLD or go home. I love how the red makes the blossom red pop...just sayin'.

  5. Wow, your hand stitching looks great! I think with that white border being filled with so much embroidery, a bolder color might distract so I would probably stick with something mellow if it were me.

  6. I'm soooooooooooo behind! Come visit me..and make me work on Handstitched stuff! Or maybe just yell at me online. But only after I've bound this quilt...that I'm supposed to be binding right now.
    I vote Pearl Bracelet. The first picture just really stands out to me.

  7. LOVE your work!! I like the first option but I'd go with the third and let the embroidery shine :)

  8. I haven't added my borders yet, but I like your yellow/pink print (2nd choice) the best.

    I'm looking forward to our next lesson, aren't you?

  9. Your block looks great! Personally, I'd go with the red :)

  10. I love the 3rd option the best! Love your print choices too, those fabrics work so well together.

    Love your quilt top too! Thinking of a quilting design is always tricky. =D

  11. I like either 2 or 3 the best.. I feel like the large print in the first one would take away from the embroidery a little... love the choices so far though! :D

  12. I too would pick either 2 or 3. It would make your block stand out. The red is too powerful and one's eye goes to it first, not your wonderful work.

  13. Both projects look great. I'm not sure what you should choose for the outer border. Like the red though

  14. PS. No one linked up this week? I'm thinking of ignoring my to do list today and doing some sewing, so I'll start linking up again this coming week.