Friday, June 8, 2012

Parade Day

Friday again? Funny how it seems to roll around more quickly than I expect it to. This week has been a busy one. During a quick camping trip last weekend I worked on hexagons for Chelsea in Don't Worry {bee} Happy


and started a Christmas project for a blog hop Rebecca is hosting.


I also made time to do my first project in Rachel's Handstitched class, which is a tank top but I had no one to take my picture and I didn't want to put up a Myspace-style pic that I'd taken in my bathroom mirror, so close-up it is ;-)

Tank Top

Now it's your turn to show off your projects!

I just ask a few things of you:
1. link only projects with some handstitching
2. link to a specific post
3. use the linky party button (found in my sidebar) in your post, so others can easily find the party and join in
4. visit other Handmade Parade partiers
.....and go!


  1. Your hexies are beautiful and I like your tank top stitching. I'm sorry to say I've done no hand stitching this week but I'm resolved to make something by next Friday!

  2. I think I finally drank the hexy Koolaid. Also, your tank is lovely.

  3. Lovely hexies and great stitching on the tank top. Thanks for hosting the handmade parade linky party! Have a great weekend =)

  4. Love the fabric you chose for the tank handstitch project!!

  5. Love you tank project. In the flickr stream I thought it was a great choice! Oh hexies, I'm hoping when we get to that project in Rachel's class it will demystify it and I can make some! Right now, they intimidate me so!

  6. You're so ahead of me this week. I've done *zero* handstitching..including nothing for the class. I'm gonna blame it on the in-law currently staying on my couch. ;)

  7. The hexies look so cool! Yay!

  8. Did I miss something with all the hexie projects? Great started projects the top looks very cool! =D

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog. There is one extra day to enter =D

  9. Just getting caught up on some blog reading and I saw this post. Love that tank top stitching!