Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Duck Duck GOOSE! {pattern review}

Remember that game you played as a child, probably in school to pass the time before the bell rang? Yeah, I hated that game because no one ever picked me to be the goose and race them. I was a fast runner and everybody knew I'd win. What's the point of choosing someone when you know they're going to beat the pants off you?

Anyway, this is a different, much  more awesome kind of goose. The 70's Goose, is a foundation paper pieced pattern by Diane of From Blank Pages. Diane has recently jumped into selling her patterns online, and she's got some beauties! Diane asked me if I'd test this one out for her and like any good quilter friend, I JUMPED at the chance! I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity, no way.....

70's Geese

Diane has rated her pattern intermediate, giving it 3/5 on the difficulty scale. I'd definitely agree with her assessment. There are lots of pieces and eight separate sections to piece together. However, if you've paper pieced a couple of simple blocks, you will be able to tackle this one with no problem.  I found it very helpful to label on my paper foundation which colour was meant to go where. I didn't want to make any mistakes on this baby!

I love this pattern, you can do so much with it. I purposely made my block completely different than Diane's partly so you could see a totally different look, but also because I really really like the Kaffe Fasset paperweight print I used as the background and wanted to see a lot of it ;-) I'm thinking I might use this block as a center medallion on a bed quilt and would love to see an abundance of that particular fabric in my bedroom.

Paper Picking....gah

This morning I'm working on my least favourite part of foundation paper piecing, the paper removal. Honestly, does anyone like this part? But here I sit, tweezers in hand, watching Breaking Bad on Netflix and drinking a coffee made with beans I roasted myself. I guess I can't complain!

Thank you Diane, for giving me the opportunity to work with your beautiful pattern! I've added it to the flickr group. I would love to see what others are doing with this awesome block!


  1. Oh WOW...that is a beauty!!! I love the colors you chose and Diane's pattern. She's smart...she asked just the right girl to help her with a review! Thanks for sharing...xoxo

  2. I love that block & it was fun to see it made up this way. You did a great job picking fabrics for it - it's beautiful!

  3. That looks amazing! I really like your fabric choice for the block =D

    I'm hosting a new swap over at my blog if anyone is interested please pop over for a look =D

  4. This looks awesome! I love the fabric selection

  5. Gorgeous! Those colors are beautiful and so are the fabrics. Really impressed that you roasted your own coffee beans too!

  6. This looks wonderful, the fabrics you picked really set it off!