Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Who's Your Granny?

Is she a little blue haired lady like mine?

Blue Haired Granny

These were my first granny blocks, and man, are they addicting! These are off to Phuong who requested them in the Gone Quiltin' Bee. I can safely say that I'm now jumping on the granny bandwagon!


  1. Love those fabrics! Blue is one of my favourite colours =D

  2. Cute! I need to make more of these.

  3. They're wonderful! I need to get back to mine. And though I didn't have a blue haired granny, there were several other people's blue haired grannies on our street when I grew up! Lovely name for these blocks!

  4. I've been wanting to jump on that band wagon...but now that you're doing them I guess I'll have to make the jump for sure. That's what friends are supposed to do, right? :) They look good girl...