Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mama Said There'd be Days, There'd be Days Like These....

Am I the only one who has weeks days like this? When you've got so much to get going on, for swaps, bees and secret projects, but you're waiting for all the ordered fabric to come in the mail? Lately I've felt so restless, a bit at loose ends. I decided I had to do something, so I started making French knots. Really. I'd ordered a few scrap packs from Hawthorne Threads and one of the pieces I received was a good sized strip of Tula Pink's Damask Dot from the Parisville line.

Saturday Stitches

I can safely say that I am now over my interest in ever making another French knot. I have no idea how many went into the pillow I made with the fabric, but if I ever mention how much I love French knots, please remind me that I actually don't.....


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  1. That is so crazy gorgeous that I want to steal it. Or make it.
    I hate French Knots...but I might have to make a pact with them to make something like this. Because it's really stunning.

  2. Wow you're crazy! Love the pillow, those knots dotted around really enhance the fabric =D

  3. Wow, that's some perseverance! Lovely results, though I think I would have gone batty (as it sounds like you sort of did...)

  4. I love french knots. Of course I love all things made with my hand stitching.

  5. I bow down to you for making those French knots! They look fabulous, Katie!

  6. Lovely pillow! And a great way to use scraps. I've been feeling the same way but mostly about housework stuff. I had to cut myself off from getting into more swaps and I just mailed my last set of stuff off that was waiting to go, so I was feeling that anxiety 100% last week. Hang in there!!

  7. It looks gorgeous, but yes, I can see the downside of it. Hope you're recovering from your encounter with the knots...

  8. That is amazing!! Love it and the French knots look so incredible I refuse to tell you not to do them again ;) x

  9. Story of my life. I'm currently waiting for some fabric to come in the mail for a bunch of bridesmaid skirts that I'm making and I'm getting so antsy about it because the clock is ticking down and I have to make freaking 8 of them. Gahhh, honestly the mail could not get here any slower.
    I've never done french knots but after reading this post I'm getting the feeling that that's a good thing. haha, but for what it's worth, the pillow ended up looking awesome.