Sunday, April 1, 2012

Goodbye March Hello April

Lily's Quilts
March 2012 will go down as the month that was full of so much nothing. While I had great plans to get four whole things done, I accomplished nothing on my list. Sad, really. I did send Macy's quilt out to Chelsea to be quilted. Kind of a cop out, but it's going to look awesome! It's on its way back to me already, I'm expecting it any day.

So, here is my mosaic of accomplishments for March. Not as bad as I thought actually. Only two things were for me. The tiny paper pieced houses and the colour wheel mini quilt. Everything else was either for a bee, a swap, or my daughter (the scarf).

Bring on April, I could really use some sun!


1. Pretty {little} Pouch Swap - done!, 2. Tiny Bliss Houses, 3. Wonky Star #1, 4. Wonky Star #2, 5. Wild Olive Stitch Swap - ready to send, 6. Covert Robin Swap -ready to send, 7. Macy's Scarf, 8. The Centre of Attention


  1. Oh I love the covert robin swap, and your mini quilt - beautiful :o)

  2. I love the covert robin swap too! Have a great April and really hope you get some sun.

  3. You have some lovely, lovely finishes this month, my friend. Beautiful work!

  4. Wonderful finishes for March...what will April bring? :) Can't wait to see!