Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hello February

Until recently, I'd always thought I was a planner. I equated being a list maker, with being a planner. Apparently they aren't the same thing. On my quest, yes quest, to become more organized and finish up some long unfinished projects, I am going to start planning. Oh yes.
So here are the projects I will finish in February.

Do it in February
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  1. Yay, here's to being organised! Great projects, those elves look adorable. Hope you get it all done. Thanks for linking up

  2. Way to plan! I've had a running list for February in my head for the past couple of days, but I really should get it down on paper before half of it is forgotten! lol

    I look forward to seeing your finishes. The pictures are just enough of a sneak peek to get my curiosity going... loving the colors in "It's a Hoot" and the little elfies are so cute. Lots of pretty things to come. Good luck!

  3. Look at all that you accomplished in can most definitely finish all that you are planning on for February! :) Way to go girl!