Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Girl's Gotta Eat

Today I received my new Southern Living magazine in the mail and of course the first thing I did was flip to the recipes. No, I don't live in the South, I live in the Pacific Northwest, but I like to consider myself an honorary Southerner. I lived in Texas when I was thirteen and then again when I was twenty-three. While I'm sure real Southerners might like to argue against my claim to being one of them, they are most certainly too polite to do so! Truth be told, it was probably only twelve months total I spent there. Sadly, one year does not a Southerner make. Ahhh well.
Back to the magazine, and the food.....right away I was taken by their picture of skillet chicken pot pie. I'm one of those people who likes to see what I'm making before I make it. I don't understand cookbooks that don't have at least one picture for each recipe. That is just weird!  So, what started as this


 became this,

Skillet Chicken Potpie

and it was thoroughly delicious. The recipe is here, though I made a few changes. I had only a few peas so I substituted corn. Yes I make wily-nily changes, try to stop me! (Wily- nily is another one of those words I'm bringing back) They called for a pastry crust, but I made dumplings instead. Crazy, right? Mmmhmmm, crazy good!

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