Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Finally! Indie Begins!

Early in the year I signed up for an online course designed to help guide the creative entrepeneur towards success.

The course has just started and already I'm having fun. I've getting to know several classmates, there's even one who lives not too far from me, Kate Pixley Designs. By not too far I mean, within an hour. WooHoo. I imagine there is coffee in our future......
Anyway, our first assignment is to make our portfolio look pretty. I was eager to get going on coursework but it's always much nicer to work with a pretty book, so I jumped right in.

Portfolio Supplies
When I design something, I don't usually have a concept in my head. I know what colours I want to use, and possibly a style, but that's about it. Just like when I designed the pillow for Rachel's pillow party. I guess my design style is kind of evolutionary. I just build on the previous element.
I started with a green binder then went to the craft store and started pulling things I liked off the shelf. Some pretty paper, glittery letters, rhinestone brads. I still had no idea how I was going to put it all together, until I started cutting.Portfolio

I started with the cover, cutting and layering. It took me back to days when I loved working on scrapbooks. I had so much fun!



I can't wait to fill this portfolio with all my ideas. It's my first step towards success!


  1. I'm also in Indie Biz ~ love your portfolio :D I still haven't made mine - hoping to catch up this weekend.

  2. How cool that you're also in Indie Biz! Your binder is beautiful! I just finished mine too - so much fun. xx