Thursday, February 10, 2011

Something is Needling Me

ok, I know the strawberry picture is huge but I'm too tired to go & fix it.....

A few years ago Happy Zombie Monica gave out a pattern for a cute little needle book. I had never used a needle book before, I just tucked my needles into spools of thread. I found some cheap dollar store inexpensive felt and made one. Very cute but the felt I used was garbage poor quality and it didn't last very long. Photobucket

This is the needle book when it was new. It's in a sad state now, no way am I taking a picture of it the way it looks today.

Today while browsing blogs, I spotted a very cute needle book. It's small, it's floral and oh so sweet! I think I need to make one. It will be the perfect hand project for my trip trip Seattle this weekend. Now comes the hard part, breaking into my brand new stash of

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