Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blogger's Pillow Party

Since it's my first time joining the pillow party , I thought I'd start small. This pillow is just 13" x 8", so it's not really good for much, except looking cute and when you think about it, that's the most important part anyway, so mission accomplished, I guess.

I've recently fallen in love with making hexagons. I like the portability and the fact that I can get tons done while watching Criminal Minds with my boys. They don't have to know I just watch it for Shemar Moore, do they? Anyway....I used a bit of thrifted linen, as well as scraps from a table runner I made for a friend. A bit of embroidery and hand quilting and bam! Cute little pillow.

Pillow Party Pillow


  1. I love it! Your inspiring me to sew some more. I love this little pillow.

  2. Totally cute little pillow! I'm so glad you joined the party =)