Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Swap Season

It seems that with the new year, a new round of crafty swaps is starting. In many of the blogs I read people are signing up to swap handmade goodies. There's one I'd really like to do but you need to have evidence of a previous swap. Since I deleted my old blog I deleted the evidence. Boo. I looked through my flickr for pictures but there is only one of the bag I made for the swap. Sad, since I used one of my favourite Amy Butler fabrics for the makeup bag I made. I was so disappointed with what I received in the swap that I didn't take any pics of it. Oh well, I will find another swap to do and I will document it well. That way, when the next {Urban} HOME Goods swap rolls around I can do it.

1 comment:

  1. Oh that swap is so full of good things isn't it!! I've been tempted to join but I'm still holding off as I have so many projects on the go for the kids still. Soon it will be mama time *grin*. It's so wonderful to see you blogging again :) Hugs