Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Endings, or Beginnings

I've finally found the time to get some neglected projects done. The first is a quilt that was "oh so nearly" done for the past three years. I had an hour of hand quilting to complete. Can you believe that it sat unused, unloved and unviewed for so long? Gah! The next project was finally figuring out how to make a journal cover. I had such a difficult time with any instructions I found. I started the project about 18 months a go but gave up due to frustration. For whatever reason, I simply could not "get" the instructions. I tried many links to different tutorials but didn't have any success until I found this one by Bloom & Blossom. I still had some figuring out to do but I finally crossed those covers off my list!
My unfinished list is still five miles long but at least now I've begun the long journey. Hallelujah.

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